Cold Mezza

Kebbi Nayeh (Raw Meat)

Top grade lamb fillets finely minced and mixed with burghul, Lebanese spices dressed served with olive oil, onion, mint & saj bread


Steamed octopus, avocado, lemon dressing


Cheese aged in mixed herbs, tomato, onion, olive oil & fresh saj bread

Bastrma (Dry Meat)

Thin slices of smoked beef fillet convert with special spices and labneh

Vine Leaves (4 Pieces)

V, V+, GF
Slow-cooked and hand-rolled grapevine leaves of tomato, parsley, onion, lemon

Raheb Eggplant

V, V+, GF
Roasted eggplant with diced tomato, onion, cucumber and capsicum

Important Notice Allergies and Dietary Requests

We do offer for all dietary requirements, all dishes are not suitable for those with an anaphylactic allergy, due to the potential traces of allergens in the working environment and supplied ingredients.

Please inform a member of staff of any food allergies or dietary requirements

Please Note